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Since 1966, we’ve defined our work by the needs of the Deer Isle-Stonington community.

Our history

About IH&WF

On May 24, 1966, a group of concerned men and women came together to advance the idea of a medical center that would provide year-round primary healthcare to the island of Deer Isle-Stonington. The four essential components of their vision included locally-based doctors and dentists; relationships with regional hospitals; a local medical building; and a local non-profit organization to develop and execute the vision. That local non-profit organization now goes by the name: Island Health & Wellness Foundation.

The Island Medical Center has a number of compelling histories: the years of quality healthcare provided; the dedicated doctors, dentists and their staffs who have served this community so well; the community and its volunteers who built the medical center buildings and have helped to fund the work there; the ebb and flow of healthcare services available, to name a few. Amid an ever-changing landscape of healthcare, today the local medical providers, the regional hospitals, the medical building, and the Island Health & Wellness Foundation are each as relevant and necessary as they were 50 years ago.

Island Medical Center Board, 1969. credit: Penobscot Bay Press

Island Health & WEllness Foundation

Our Mission

To identify and advocate for the health and wellness needs of Deer Isle-Stonington; provide financial support, guidance, and encouragement to local health and wellness organizations; and maintain the Island Medical Center for the provision of health and dental care.

Some of the


Access to care


Addiction & Recovery


Dental health


Emergency medicine

Exercise & movement


Health Education

Healty Aging

Men's Health


Nonprofit Support

Pediatric programs

Practioner retention


Growing up on a small farm in Maine, with a father who earned a living by cutting wood, I understood the meaning of community, hard work, and family. Maybe that is why the Island and its people are so special to me. I know firsthand the struggle to support a family while paying out-of-pocket for health and dental care, afford fresh food to eat, and manage the high cost of medicine. I am fortunate to have my dream job. I work in one of the most beautiful places on earth, with like-minded and motivated individuals who share a common goal: the health and wellness of everyone who lives and works on Deer Isle-Stonington.”

Anne West

Executive Director

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