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We are constantly looking to fund new initiatives that will keep us both relevant and responsive to the current health & wellness needs of our community.

There are two ways to submit an application for grant funding from the
Island Health & Wellness Foundation:

1. Print Application

Download the application and submit the completed form electronically or by mail.

2. Online Application

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Mail completed application to:

Island Health & Wellness Foundation, P.O. Box 654, Deer Isle, ME 04627

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Physical wellness includes maintaining a healthy quality of life by engaging in certain activities that lead to optimal health, and refraining from others. Examples are annual physicals, dental exams, exercise, and eating quality foods. Physical wellness also includes mental wellness - understanding how our feelings, such as anger and experiencing stress or joy, contribute to our physical health, learning to manage these to live our best life, and coping with challenges as they come along, without resorting to unhealthy habits.
Example: All fourth graders in the Deer Isle-Stonington school system
Please include a detailed and complete budget, which clearly shows what the Island Health & Wellness Foundation Board costs are. If the proposed budget is in a format that cannot be added here, please email the file to

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