Island Medical Center

We work to ensure access to medical and dental providers on Deer Isle-Stonington. 

Island Medical Center

Since 1966

Island Medical Center

The Island Health & Wellness Foundation owns and maintains the Island Medical Center for provision of medical and dental care to the people of Deer Isle-Stonington and surrounding areas. We provide all building administration, at no cost, and structure our tenant leases in a way that makes the space as affordable as possible. 

We are also committed to keeping the Island Medical Center staffed with quality providers. By providing financial incentives, housing allowances, and sign on bonuses we are able to bring the best providers to Deer Isle-Stonington. In addition, whenever possible, we try to “grow our own” by financially supporting local healthcare employees who choose to further their education in a necessary field. We recognize the hard work of our current providers and staff with regular expressions of appreciation that range from having lunch delivered to purchasing items for each of the offices.

Every January, we support the Healthy Island Project’s Winterfest, ensuring free health screenings are available for men at the Island Medical Center. The annual event is known as the “Men’s Health Overhaul.”

Healthy gifts we provide

We sponsor “Baby Welcome Bags” for first-time infant appointments at the Island Medical Center. Our newest Island residents receive a bag full of useful goodies including, books, a thermometer, infant medicine dosing information, teething toys, and a handmade hat from Northern Light Primary Care staff. While the Island Medical Center does not staff an obstetrician, it is well equipped to treat the local infant population.

We’ve partnered with Northern Light Primary Care providers to offer a number of different items that promote increased movement. Examples include walking DVD’s, books on stretching, resistance bands, and more. In total, providers have roughly 15 items to choose from when preparing “Fitness Bags” for patients. Having healthy items on hand helps those who are looking to add more physical activity to their lives. 

Each year, we purchase and assemble approximately 250 “Tick Kits.” These packages contain tweezers, alcohol wipes, and Center for Disease Control instructions on proper tick removal. Packages are handed out at no charge at Northern Light Primary Care Stonington, as well as Seaside Pharmacy. This effort is in response to the increasing number of lyme disease cases that local providers are diagnosing each year.

Island Dental Offices

Island Dental Offices

The Island Health & Wellness Foundation is committed to helping the Island Dental Offices provide the reduced-fee care needed for Deer Isle-Stonington residents. Many residents lack dental coverage, but reduced-fee care can bring quality oral healthcare to those who would otherwise go untreated. The program has three components:

1) Offering reduced-charge dental visits and procedures to lower-income members of the community who could not otherwise afford them. Services include regular check-ups, simple and complex procedures, emergency visits, etc.

2) Partnering with the local Island Nursing Home and Care Center to provide low-cost screenings and preventive care to residents, along with very low-cost follow-up procedures.

3) Providing education & services in venues beyond the dental offices, including twice-yearly fluoride treatments to Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School students, Dental Bytes column in the Island Ad-Vantages, and events like Men’s Health Overhaul and the Children’s Health Fair.

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