Island Strong

Island Health & Wellness Foundation

October 31, 2022

Many thanks to all those who attended the movie premiere at The Reach (event flyer below). It was a great time for our community to come together and support one another in destigmatizing substance use and to learn about available resources.

A huge thank you to our co-sponsors of this project: The University of Maine System and Open Society Foundation, Katherine Hall Page and Alan Hein, and Opiate-Free Island Partnership. Island Health & Wellness Foundation relies on support and collaboration to make projects like this a reality. Much appreciation goes out to Nick Eaton and his crew for their willingness to jump into this project and handle it professionally, compassionately and with flexibility. In addition, a huge thank you to John Lincoln for not only allowing our use of the Reach, but for coordinating everything and making the event possible.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone that participated in the video. The work you do every day is important, it is heroic, and it is breaking through barriers and stigma. Your bravery and service are noticed, and it is our hope that, in addition to helping people seek recovery resources, this video celebrates your efforts and preserves them so that future generations can see the incredible work that was done to address this monumental public health challenge.

Know Overdose, Know Stigma Event Poster

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