“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Dr. Charles Zelnick

Bonus Episode: Talking with Dr. Charles Zelncik About Deer Isle-Stonington and COVID-19

November 11, 2020

Dr. Charles Zelnick

This is a special bonus episode and a must listen. Dr. Zelnick posted on his personal Facebook page this past weekend that COVID has reached the Deer Isle-Stonington community. What does that mean for us? What can each of us do to prevent further spread of this virus? What are the symptoms of COVID and what can we do if we experience one or more of them? Where should we go for reliable information? What will the holidays look like this year? Dr. Zelnick talks about his medical career and  guides us through this latest challenge with his trademark calm, compassion and humor. 

Phone number for Northern Light Primary Care Stonington:

Northern Light COVID Resources and Testing Website:

Websites Recommended by Dr. Zelnick:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (regarding holidays)

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

BBC news

Scientific American

WERU for transcriptions of Dr. Shah’s updates

Articles/Links recommended by Dr. Zelnick:



and for those interested in the historical perspective, this is one of the most fascinating stories of modern science figuring out the mystery of the 1918 flu;  the two guys who figured it out had a chance meeting in a cafeteria at the University of Iowa; they got talking over lunch and realized that together they had to key to the story…


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