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Bonus Episode: Talking with Dr. James Jarvis of Northern Light About COVID-19 Vaccinations

February 19, 2020

Dr. James Jarvis of Northern Light Talks About COVID-19 Vaccinations

I asked you, my listeners, to give me all your questions about vaccinations and boy, did you come through! Dr. James Jarvis, Physician Leader for Incident Command at Northern Light Health and Director of Clinical Education at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center spent a half hour with me this morning answering all your questions, including:

1. Can the hotline number for vaccinations be changed so that it is toll-free?

2. Why do people have to wait 15 minutes after receiving a vaccine before leaving the vaccination site?

3. What does Northern Light plan to do for those who live in rural areas and cannot travel to receive a vaccination?

4. If I am offered a vaccination due to my job, am I taking it away from someone else that needs it?

5. In the tiers for vaccination, where do “front line workers” such as those who work in grocery stores, truck drivers, etc. fit in?

6. Why are we being asked to wear two masks now?

This episode is filled with helpful information and explanations of why vaccination clinics are set up as they are.  Please listen and share this far and wide!

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