“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Jessica Valdez

Episode 21: Talking with Jessica Valdez, Executive Director of Community Compass

June 11, 2021

Jessica Valdez, Executive Director of Community Compass

You have got to listen to the end of this episode! At the conclusion of our discussion, Jessica issues a challenge to our community that will change us all for the better. During our conversation, we also discuss:

1. What is Community Compass and what is its mission?

2. What is the history of this organization?

3. What is a Community Navigator and who are the Navigators on Deer Isle-Stonington?

4. How can we all support Community Compass?

Community Compass website: https://www.communitycompassdowneast.org/


Facebook DIS:

Jessica’s email:

Community Compass phone number: 207-522-7983

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