“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement

Episode 30: Talking With Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement-Conversation 4

September 22, 2021

Matthew Trombley, Executive Director of Island Nursing Home

Matthew and I continue our discussions about the upcoming closure of Island Nursing Home. In our fourth discussion, Matthew answers community questions that were raised at a forum held last Wednesday, including:

1. Does the nursing home have a sense of why visiting health care workers are choosing to leave?
2. Has the Board and/or Administration of the nursing home considered being acquired by a for-profit organization?
3. Is it true that staff must be vaccinated but visitors to the facility are not required to be?
4. Has there been any discussion of building a dormitory that would couple training with housing to develop the health care workforce?
5. Does he think it is worth the effort for local people who have lapsed health care certifications to get them activated again and offer to work shifts at the nursing home, even if it could only be once or twice per week?
6. Perhaps most importantly, what can the community do this week to be of the most assistance to Island Nursing Home?
There were other questions asked by the community at the forum, but these have been covered in past podcast episodes. 

Keep your amazing questions coming! I will be having conversations with either Matthew or Ronda Dodge, Chair of the INH Board of Directors on a weekly basis through the month of October. 





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