“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement

Episode 31: Talking With Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement-Conversation 5

September 29, 2021

Island Nursing Home sign

Today Ronda Dodge, President of the Island Nursing Home Board of Directors, and I continued our discussions about the upcoming closure of Island Nursing Home (INH).

In this episode, she discusses two current COVID cases among residents and how this will impact placement plans. In addition, we talk about how the community can continue to assist the INH administration and board during this time. We also cover the Task Force and Ronda’s role in helping it to succeed. Another important subject we tackle are recent community rumors about staff turnover, quality of care at the facility and who is serving on the INH Board.

Please continue to send your questions to me at ihwf1966@gmail.com

To volunteer to help in the event of a staffing shortage, contact Lori Morey, Director of Human Resources by email at  lmorey@islandnursinghome.org or by phone at 207-348-6511

To volunteer to serve on the INH Board of Directors please email Karen Vickerson at vickersonkaren@gmail.com

Keep your amazing questions coming! I will be having conversations with either Matthew or Ronda Dodge, Chair of the INH Board of Directors on a weekly basis through the month of October. 





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