“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussion with Emma Weiss of WERU

Episode 33: Talking With Emma Weiss of WERU

October 8, 2021

Emma Weiss of WERU
Emma Weiss is an intern at WERU working on a community project related to health. To say she is a shining star would be an understatement. In our conversation we talk about her Community Wellness Watch program which airs on WERU monthly (archive link is below so you can catch past episodes).
One of her latest episodes features Anne Schroth, Executive Director of Healthy Peninsula, Jo Cooper, Executive Director of Friends in Action and Rene Colson-Hudson, Executive Director of Healthy Island Project about the work they do with seniors and how it has been impacted by the pandemic. Emma is just one of those people who exudes warmth, knowledge and a deep love for small communities.  You will come away from our conversation feeling motivated to volunteer, do good and make history!

Link to WERU’s archived programs:



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