“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement

Episode 34: Talking With Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement-Conversation 7

October 13, 2021

Island Nursing Home sign
This week, I talked with Ronda Dodge, Chairperson of the INH Board of Directors, about the upcoming closure of the Island Nursing Home. In this episode, she addresses the following community questions:

1. Matthew Trombley, Senior Executive Director, has announced he will be leaving. What is his timing? Does his contract provide for a severance payment?

2.  What will happen with the Administrator in Training position when Matthew leaves?

3.  Matthew indicated in a previous podcast that Berry Dunn (INH’s outside accounting firm) ran scenario analyses. Has the board reviewed that information? Is the board planning to share that information with the Task Force?

4. INH had a lease on a house owned by Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. Why was that lease given up if housing was needed?

5.  After all residents have been placed, what is the proposed INH budget? How will it be financed given no revenue stream? How many staff will still be employed and for what period?

Ronda also asks for the community’s help in supplying residents with items to help them settle into their new homes. To volunteer to help with this, please feel free to reach out to me at ihwf1966@gmail.com.

Keep those questions coming! Questions can be sent to my email address ihwf1966@gmail.com and we will try to cover them in the next podcast.





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