“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement

Episode 38: Talking With Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement-Conversation 11

November 11, 2021

Island Nursing Home sign

Ronda Dodge, Chairperson of the Island Nursing Home Board of Directors, and I continue our discussions about the future of Island Nursing Home. She provides updates and clarifies a recent news article about a Stonington Select Board meeting held last week. Ronda also answers the following questions:

1. How is the “Adopt a Resident” program going?

2. Listener Question:  Is there any way that Heidi Gillen’s training can continue now that Matthew Trombley has left? Can Heidi train under someone else at another facility?

3. Listener Question: On the last podcast, you indicated that a number of administration staff are staying on. What is the timeline for them? What is the budget? Does the board plan to ask for donations to make that happen?

4. Listener Question: It seems that keeping on so many admin staff the board is operating on an assumption that the recommendation from the Task Force will be a reopening. Is that the direction the board is thinking? What other options is the board considering?

5. What can the community do to be of most help to Island Nursing Home this week?

Keep your questions coming! Please email me at:

It isn’t too late to Adopt-A-Resident! Email dragot@islandnursinghome.org for more information.

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