“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions withBeth Alteri and Tracy Crossman

Episode 44: Talking with Beth Alteri and Tracy Crossman of Healthy Acadia

December 31, 2021

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Wow! This episode will leave you inspired and hopeful about the future of substance use recovery in Hancock County. As I talked with Beth Alteri and Tracy Crossman of Healthy Acadia, it became very obvious that this is more than a job for them-it is a calling. Beth and Tracy answered all my questions, including:

1. What is the new INSPIRE Recovery Center?

2. Where is it located?

3. When is it open?

4. Can people just walk in?

5. What can I expect at the center when I walk in the front door?

6. What is your goal for the recovery center?

7. How can the Deer Isle-Stonington community help?

8. What is bringing you joy right now?

To find out more about the center and the Healthy Acadia’s work, I’ve linked their website here: https://www.healthyacadia.org/

To sign up for the monthly calendar detailing INSPIRE’s upcoming activities, email Tracy at: tracy.crossman@healthyacadia.org

Want to go to the recovery center with me? Email me at ihwf1966@gmail.com or call 207-367-5851 (leave a message) and we will set up a time.

Looking for recovery support? Healthy Acadia’s website can help you access support. Go to: https://www.healthyacadia.org/need-help

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