“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement

Episode 45: Talking With Island Nursing Home About Closure Announcement-Conversation 14

January 7, 2022

Island Nursing Home sign
In this episode, Ronda Dodge, Chairperson of the Island Nursing Home (INH), provides the community with updates, including:

1. Where to find a copy of the INH Task Force’s final report and the INH Board’s response to the report.
2. What needs the INH Board has that our community may be able to help fill.

3. Why a recent Bangor Daily News article said the Island Nursing Home may need millions of dollars to reopen.


Ronda also answers a listener’s question about whether or not the INH Board plans to keep the two minivans, bus and pick-up truck that they had at the time of closing.


Lastly, Ronda and I talk about how she, and other INH Board members, are doing after four months of pouring their hearts and souls into this effort. 
To volunteer to help the INH Board with fundraising, affordable housing or offer your talent/services, please email Ronda at: rcdodge@yahoo.com

To offer a housing or rental option, please email Lori Morey at: lmorey@islandnursinghome.org or call 348-2351.

Keep those questions coming! Email me at ihwf1966@gmail.com or call 207-367-5851 (leave a message).

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