“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Erin Benson and Becky Nelson

Episode 51: Talking with Erin Benson and Becky Nelson of Eastern Maine Development Corporation

April 1, 2022

Erin Benson and Becky Nelson

The following is a conversation that I had with Erin Benson and Becky Nelson. Erin is the Senior Director of Workforce Services at Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC) and Becky is an EMDC Youth Ambassador. Among many other topics, in this episode we discuss:

1. What programs does Workforce Services offer to Hancock County Residents?

2. What is a program or service that EMDC offers that Erin and Becky wish more people knew about?

3. How are the services offered by EMDC tied into the health of our community?

4. How do people reach EMDC?

5. How has the pandemic impacted EMDC’s work?

6. How can we support EMDC?

This episode is a must listen for anyone who knows someone aged 16 to 24. The career development opportunities that EMDC offers for this age group are life changing! Listening to Becky’s story of going from a high school student overwhelmed by the pandemic and remote learning to a confident, young woman who is planning to become a nurse will stay in your mind and heart forever. These kids truly are our future and EMDC is giving them the best start possible.

To reach the Workforce Services program to find out more about participating (either as a student in the program or as a business mentor/host), please call: 207-991-0147

or by email at: workforce@emdc.org

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