“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Savannah Steiger

Episode 52: Talking with Savannah Steiger about National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 14, 2022

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Trigger warning: This episode contains discussions about child abuse and neglect. If you are in immediate danger or know of a child who is in danger, please call 911.


This is my second conversation with Savannah Steiger, Care Coordinator and Educator for Sunrise Opportunities Prevention Council. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. While Savannah and her colleagues work on this issue all year long, they are using April as a time to highlight this issue in Hancock and Washington Counties.

Among other things, Savannah and I discuss:
What is the Prevention Council?
How and when did it get started? 
How many Councils exist in Maine and what are their areas of focus?
What is considered child abuse and neglect? 
What are the risk factors for child abuse and neglect and why are they important to recognize in addressing this issue?
How has the pandemic impacted child abuse and neglect?
How many cases of child abuse and neglect were there in Maine last year? 
What can we do as a community to minimize child abuse and neglect? 
What types of programs does Sunrise Opportunities Prevention Council offer to parents, caregivers, community agencies and the general public? 
What should I do if I suspect child abuse and neglect?

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phone (text or call): 207-271-8199

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