“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Caroline Bloss and Sonya Connelly

Episode 62: Talking with Caroline Bloss and Sonya Connelly of Healthy Acadia’s Prosper Initiative

August 19, 2022

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The following is a conversation that I had with Caroline Bloss (pictured) and Sonya Connelly. Caroline and Sonya are both working with Healthy Acadia’s Prosper Initiative. Caroline serves as the Project Director. Sonya is a Community Health Navigator. This episode is brought to you by Healthy Acadia through a grant from The Human Resources Services Administration’s Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program.

In this episode we discuss:
1. What is the PROSPER Program and who does this program primarily serve?
2. How did this program get established?
3. What has been the focus of your work so far?
4. How does this program benefit the health of our communities?
5. What is one thing that the PROSPER Program offers that you wish more people knew about?
6. How do people reach you?
7. What is bringing Caroline and Sonya joy right now?

To contact the PROSPER Program:
phone: (207) 974-7460

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