“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with John Lindquist

Episode 63: Talking with John Lindquist, Executive Director of Friends in Action

September 2, 2022

John Lindquist
This episode features John Lindquist, the new Executive Director of Friends in Action.  In this conversation we discuss:

1. What does Friends in Action do?
2. What made John interested in leading this organization?
3. How many employees work at Friends in Action and what do they do?
4. What is the history of Friends in Action?
5. What has been the focus of John’s work so far?
6. What is one thing that Friends in Action offers that John wishes more people knew about?
7. What has surprised him about Friends in Action?
8. How do people reach Friends in Action?
9. What is bringing John joy right now?

To reach Friends in Action:
Phone: 207-664-6016

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