“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Jessica Ames

Episode 73: Talking with Jessica Ames, Outreach and Events Director at Angel Flight East

February 3, 2023

Jessica Ames Headshot
A completely new take on what we usually think of as medical transportation. . .
The following is a conversation that I had with Jessica Ames. Jessica is the Outreach and Events Director for a program called Angel Flight East. Going into the interview, I knew that Angel Flight East provides free flights to patients and their caregivers for medical appointments. It turns out they do a lot more than that, including delivering needed medical supplies and coordinating compassion flights to reunite families during difficult times.
During this episode Jessica answers the following questions:
1. What is Angel Flight East?
2. How did this program get started?
3. How do people qualify for a flight?
4. What is the process to sign up for a flight?
5. Is there anything people should know before signing up for this program?
6. What are the requirements for a volunteer pilot?
7. How do pilots sign up?
8. Why do pilots fly with Angel Flight East?
9. What do you wish more people know about the services your organization provides?
10. Can you give my listeners an example of a particular flight?
11. How do people reach you?
12. How can people support your work?

13. What is bringing you joy right now?


To reach Angel Flight East to access a medical flight: https://angelflighteast.org/passengers/


To reach Angel Flight East to become a volunteer pilot: https://angelflighteast.org/pilots/


To call Angel Flight East: 215-358-1900

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