“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Kathy Baillargeon, Chris Childs, and Hunt Gressitt

Episode 83: Talking about Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County and Evensong

July 28, 2023

Rene Colson Hudson
The following is a conversation that I had with Kathy Baillargeon, Chris Childs, and Hunt Gressitt. Kathy is the Executive Director of Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County. Chris is the Patient Care Manager at Hospice Volunteers. Hunt is the Volunteer Choir Director of Evensong. During our conversation my guests answer the following questions:

1.  What does Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County do and who does it serve? 

2.  Is there any cost associated with the services you provide?

3. Who can request services from HVHC?

4. What is your equipment sharing program? 

5. Why is your organization a vital part of a healthy community?

6. What is one program or service that you offer that you wish more people knew about?

7.  Why is the Patient Care Manager a vital part of the HVHC team? 

8. What is Evensong?

9. Why is music important for someone experiencing a life limiting illness?

10.  Do you offer all types of music to patients?

11. How big is the group of singers who come to someone’s home, nursing home, or hospital bedside? 

12. How can our community help you to accomplish the goals of your program?

13. How do people reach you with questions, to sign up for one of your programs or to become a volunteer? 

14.  What is bringing you joy right now?

**The end of this episode features four sample pieces performed by Evensong volunteers**

To contact Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County:

Phone: 207-667-2531

Website: https://www.hospiceofhancock.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hospicevolunteersofhancockcounty  

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