“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Anna Wind

Episode 84: Talking With Anna Wind, Healthy Eating Coordinator at Healthy Peninsula

August 11, 2023

Anna Wind

The following is a conversation that I had with Anna Wind. Anna is the Healthy Eating Coordinator at Healthy Peninsula, which serves the towns of Blue Hill, Penobscot, Surry, Castine, Brooklin, Sedgwick, Brooksville, Deer Isle and Stonington. Join us as we discuss the following:

1. Tell me about your job as Healthy Eating Coordinator at Healthy Peninsula.

2. What programs does Healthy Peninsula support in our area to address food security?  

3. Why is access to healthy food a necessary component of a healthy community?

4. What if I am listening to this and am interested in trying new fruits or vegetables, but am unsure how to cook or prepare them? 

5. How can all of us contribute to solving food security issues in this area? 

6. How do people reach you with questions or for more information? 

7. What is bringing you joy right now?

To contact Anna:

Phone: 207-374-3257

Email: awind@healthypeninsula.org

Healthy Peninsula website: https://www.healthypeninsula.org/

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