“Just For The Health Of It” Community Discussions with Matthew Trombley, Part IV

Bonus Episode:
Talking with Matthew Trombley, Sr. Executive Director of Island Nursing Home about COVID-19


December 22, 2020

Matthew Trombley, Executive Director of Island Nursing Home

In today’s episode Matthew Trombley updates the community on the recent COVID outbreak at Island Nursing Home in Deer Isle. We talk about the following:

1. What is the current condition of residents and staff who have tested positive for COVID?

2. When will the first doses of vaccine arrive at INH and will residents and staff who have already tested positive still be vaccinated?

3. How is staffing at the facility?

4. What was the final result of the recent State survey conducted within the facility following report of the outbreak?

5. How has the INH Board of Directors helped out during this time?

6. Are there any needs the community should be aware of?

You will not be able to listen to this episode without coming to the conclusion that there is no place like Deer Isle-Stonington!

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