Our vision:

A community where all the people of Deer Isle-Stonington have access to quality healthcare and the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle. 

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Health & Wellness on the Island

We are truly fortunate to live, work, and play on the island of Deer Isle-Stonington, a community like no other. The Island Health & Wellness Foundation is proud to have served our neighbors’ unique health and wellness needs for over 50 years. 

Fifty years ago, the health needs of islanders looked quite different than today. Most people did not have health insurance, good care was pay as you go, and one doctor (and his capable nurse) served as a one-stop-shop.  

Today, quality health care involves a combination of primary care providers and specialists, who may be hours away. When we add in busier schedules, more complex family and societal issues, and a national provider shortage, the barriers to health and wellness might seem insurmountable. 

That’s where Island Health & Wellness Foundation comes in. With the help of our volunteers and supporters, we are committed to a vision where every Island resident has the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We are currently concentrated on the following…


Areas of focus

Right now, the Island Health & Wellness Foundation is focused on the following four areas of need:


We are committed to fully staffing the Island Medical Center with doctors and dentists, providing care close to home. Despite the fact that a national provider shortage exists, we work on innovative ways to attract and retain the best providers and staff and to show our appreciation for the ones we have.


We know our population is aging at a faster rate than statewide statistics, and that there’s a need for reliable transportation to and from medical appointments. With most specialists located off-Island, we need to develop solutions to get patients from one place to another safely and comfortably.


We are in the midst of a national crisis. This issue is impacting many of our neighbors, especially young families. We feel strongly that the solutions to this issue must be developed within our community, working in tandem with County and State efforts, and that we have to work together to end the shame/stigma that can serve as a barrier to getting help.


Living on an island can be isolating at times, and can limit people’s participation in activities that would improve their health and wellbeing. Others feel isolated because they lack resources for even basic necessities. We want to make sure that our neighbors have access to social events, wellness tools, and healthcare so that they can stay engaged, active, and feeling their best. 


our impact on health & Wellness

Where We Allocate Funding

Learn how we’re tackling an evolving healthcare landscape that includes the consolidation of medical providers, family clinics, and hospitals; a growing number of community-based wellness opportunities; and the scourge of prescription opioid and heroin dependency in our community.

Nonprofit Programs

We’ve financially supported over 20 health & wellness programs that benefit the Island community. Along with funding, we provide guidance and encouragement to these organizations. Our Board of Directors carefully reviews all opportunities, advocating for the largest areas of impact. 

Medical Center

We own and maintain the Island Medical Center for provision of medical and dental care to our residents. We provide all building administration at no cost, and structure our tenant leases to make the space as affordable as possible. We are also committed to keeping the Island staffed with quality providers.

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